Water Main Line Repair Vancouver WA

Water Main Line Repair

Water Main Line Repair Vancouver WA
When it comes to water main line repair, Vancouver, WA property owners need capable, local, and reliable service. Main line problems can be extremely damaging, and without professional help you can end up with serious problems that affect the safety of your home. When they require water main line repair, Vancouver WA residents call on All County Plumbing.

Get experienced water main line repair for your property.

With 17 years of local service, We provide service you can depend on. Our plumbers work extensively on both commercial properties and homes. If you need emergency main line repair we’ll have a plumber to you within the hour. With fair pricing, high quality products, and a promise of complete satisfaction, when you need water main line work, you want AC Plumbing.

What causes water main line damage?

There are many causes of main line damage. Some of the most frequent are:

Signs of Water Main Line Damage

Common indications that you may have a main line leak include:

  • Changing water pressure – If you have a loss in water pressure it can indicate a main line leak. The color of the water may change as well.
  • Spinning water meter – If your water bill has suddenly and drastically increased, check your meter. If it’s spinning when no water is running you may have a leak.
  • Bubbling water in the street – A ruptured water main can push water back into the street when the line to your property is blocked.
  • Sinkholes and green spots – Suddenly appearing sinkholes can indicate damage below the surface. If you’re lawn is dry and one area is green, it may be getting fed by a leaking water main below ground.

Common indications that you may have a main line clog include:

  • Raw sewage backing up into the home – If one area backs up (like the sink) and causes another area to back up (like the bathtub) it may be a main line clog.
  • Gurgling from your drains – This can indicate a clog as well. These are commonly caused by grease, oil, hair, and other washables building up in the main sewer line.

Professional Water Main Line Repair When You Need It!

Water Main Line Repair Vancouver WA
For water main line repair, Vancouver, WA properties require a proper diagnosis. If you’ve got a clog our plumbers can perform a video line inspection to determine where the clog is occurring. This will allow us to identify whether or not the main water line is clogged.

If you believe it is a leak, we advise calling a leak detection company first. This is necessary for locating the leak before we begin work. Unlike a video inspection, leak detection requires specialized tools and knowledge. Once the leak has been located, or the clog location has been determined, we’ll get right to work.

The right main line repairs for the job.

There are several different methods for water main line repair-Vancouver, WA plumbers with AC Plumbing can perform every one. That means we can use the right tactic for the job. Some of the most common methods we utilize include:

Sewer Line Excavation: This traditional method involves digging up a portion of the yard in order to access the pipe. We use backhoes to access the broken piping in order to replace it. Depending on a variety of factors including pipe condition, layout, and area, this may be the best option.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair: This involves making two access points to either end of the damaged pipe. We’ll pull new piping through the current pipe. This bursts the existing pipe and lays the new pipe at the same time. This method is less damaging to landscapes, but is not always available.

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