Water Heaters Vancouver WA

Water Heaters Vancouver WA

Water Heaters

Our plumbers in Vancouver WA know that water heaters last a long time. There are some variables that either improve or decrease its efficiency and life. First, you will want to check the quality of the water in your area. Poor quality water can affect the life of water heaters. If you are making a new water heater purchase, it is important to do some research because you will want to find high-quality heaters and follow the maintenance schedule exactly as it is recommended. The number of people living in the home can also affect the efficiency and life of hot water heaters because more people means more water is being used.

In order to keep your hot water heaters running efficiently longer, All County Plumbing LLC suggests trying some of these maintenance tips.

  • Keep a water heaters thermostat at 120 degrees to avoid burns. This is especially important if you have young children living in the home who may adjust water knobs without understanding how hot the water will actually get.
  • Allow for 2 feet of clearance around water heaters, unless otherwise directed. You should also insulate older heaters to improve efficiency, newer ones come utilized for peak efficiency.
  • You should check the temperature-pressure relief valve of water heaters for leaks every year, and examine the sacrificial anode rod every 3 to 5 years. If problems are noticed, then these issues should be resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Drain a quarter of the fluid from the tank a few times a year to look for sediment, and use a hose to drain the valve. Having a clear valve will help the unit run quietly.

Please contact All County Plumbers in Vancouver WA or Battle Ground WA if you have questions regarding water heaters or if you have any other plumbing questions.

Is Your Water Heater Needing Replacement?

Water Heaters Vancouver WA
Water heaters are very sturdy systems. Especially considering that they are running all of the time. Regardless of how well you take care of them, you will eventually have to replace them. When their time is up, these systems can cause a great deal of problems if they are not replaced quickly. Among these issues is the chance for rupture or water damage. For that reason, you should always have water heaters replaced as soon as you are nearing the end of its life.

Loss of Output

Most people have been through the experience of “using up” all of the hot water, leading to a cold shower. Typically after only an hour or so, the hot water will be replenished. When water heaters are no longer functioning at capacity, the heat will not return faster. If water heaters just can’t seem to keep up with demand anymore, it may be time for a replacement.


The typical water heater will last between 10 and 15 years. Many factors determine the exact life of your unit. One thing is for sure though, once your water heater reaches that time frame, it is time to begin thinking about and budgeting for your water heater replacement.

Your Vancouver Washington Plumber can help you determine if it is time to replace your water heater.

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