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Plumbing Repipe

Pipes aren’t designed to last forever. Many home owners may not even know how old their pipes are. With many in use that were installed right after World War 2, a plumbing repipe Vancouver, WA homes desperately need could go unnoticed. If you’ve got an aging home, the experts at All County Plumbing can help you determine if repiping is in order.

How do I know if I need a repipe?

Plumbing Repipe Services Vancouver WA
With a plumbing repipe, Vancouver, WA homeowners can look for certain signs. Some of these may require an inspection of your plumbing system, but other may be readily identifiable. Look for the following to help determine if a repipe is right for your property.

  1. Leaking pipesMost homes have their piping installed at the same time. If one area has begun to leak it is very likely others will soon follow.
  2. Pipe age – This directly relates to leaking. Both supply pipes and drain lines can wear down due to age. Older pipes were designed to last between 70 – 100 years. Certain factors can reduce this number, and with many pipes installed in the 50’s, many are starting to fail. Check your home inspection report or consult a plumber for an inspection.
  3. Pipe corrosion – If exposed pipes are beginning to corrode, you’ll need a plumbing repipe. Look for flaking, stains, dimpling, and discoloration.
  4. Yellow or brown water – This is due to rusting pipes or a rusty water tank. A plumber can help identify which one it is and repair it.

Additional problems can occur from outside sources like root growth. When a pipe springs even the smallest leak, a tree root will push its way inside and can eventually block a pipe entirely. If you experience poor water pressure, trouble using more than one faucet, or green blooms on an otherwise dry lawn it can also indicate the need for a repipe.

Your Professional Plumbing Repipe

Plumbing Repipe Vancouver WA
We always begin with a complete inspection. This allows us to thoroughly diagnose your plumbing problem and determine if a Vancouver, WA plumbing repipe is right for you. If we determine a repipe is necessary we may recommend a full or partial repipe.

There are also a wide variety of options to choose from including copper, polypropylene, and PEX piping. All of them have unique advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll discuss these with you in full so that you can make an informed decision regarding your piping.

Indoor and mainline repipes

We can replace pipes both inside your home and the mainline that connects you to the main grid. Mainline issues don’t always require digging up an entire line, and if trenchless repiping is an option we have the ability to perform it. This can better protect your lawn and reduce turnaround time.

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