Main Water Line Replacement Vancouver WA

Main Water Line Replacement

Main Water Line Replacement Vancouver WA
Depending on the nature of your problem and the condition of your main water line, a replacement may be the best choice. Even when repairs are an option, they aren’t always the economical choice. At All County Plumbing we provide main water line replacement for Vancouver, WA homes and businesses that are right for you.

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With 17 years of local service, we know when more investigation is necessary. Older homes frequently still use original piping, this may have been made out of clay or other sub-par materials installed at the end of World War 2. When we say we do what’s right for you, we mean it. If you have newer piping or your existing main line is still in good condition we can perform repairs. It’s when your main line is compromised throughout that we recommend a complete replacement.

What causes main line damage?

There are many reasons for main line damage. Some of the most common are:

Signs of Water Main Line Damage

Common indications of a main line leak include:

  • Changing water pressure – Changing water color or a loss of pressure can be indicative of a main line leak.
  • Spinning water meter – Spikes in your water bill with no explanation or a spinning meter when no water is in use can be caused by leaks.
  • Water bubbling up in the street – Ruptured lines can push water back into the street and prevent water from entering your main line.
  • Green spots and sinkholes – A dry lawn with a single green spot may mean a leak is just below. Sinkholes are also often present.

Common indicators your main line is clogged include:

  • Raw sewage backup – If multiple lines (sinks, tubs) in different areas are backing up, you may have a clogged line.
  • Gurgling drains – These may be caused by hair, oil, grease, and other clog-causing buildup.

Choose Professional Main Line Replacement

Main Water Line Replacement Services Vancouver WA

Main Line Diagnostics and Inspection

We always begin every job with a complete diagnostic. We’ll begin with an inspection of your main line in order to determine the exact nature of your problem. This will determine if you are facing a clog or break in the line. We can also identify the material your line is made out of, the overall condition, and estimate the age.

Main Line Consultation

Our technicians will cover their findings in full. You’ll know everything we’ve done and our findings, we’ll answer any lingering questions you may have, and discuss available options. A replacement may not be the only option. We may be able to repair your main line or remove the clog.

Main Line Replacements in Vancouver WA

In the event you choose to replace the line or it is required, we’ll get to work. We always use the least invasive method possible and will replace you main lines with the leading available line materials. Options may include affordable and tough HDPE plastic, soft or rigid copper, and PEX. We’ll schedule the best time for your line replacement so work can occur without interruption.

Depending on the length and placement of the line it may require excavation beneath trees, pavement, and other areas. We’ll go over these details in full and provide you with both a cost and time estimate before work begins. We always use the most economical and intelligent options available in order to save you time and money.

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Your new main line begins right here. Get trusted local services from experts who know Northwest weather, materials, and main lines. We understand the effects different factors have, when and where certain materials are used, and when a replacement is your best option. Don’t wait. Call or contact us today.