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It’s easy to forget that your drains can encounter problems. Until you face warning signs like backflow, bad odors, and stops, you may not have considered what’s going in, where it’s going, and how it’s getting there. Whether you need drain cleaning in Portland or dependable preventable maintenance services, All County Plumbing LLC has your drains covered.

We’ve been repairing clogged drains for over 2 decades.

As your full-service Portland drain cleaner, we always do what’s right for our customers. That doesn’t always mean comprehensive repairs. If your problem can be remedied with a quick fix like a snaking or simple zipper hair catch, we’ll do it. Good service isn’t about the bottom line, it’s about treating our customers with the consideration they deserve.

Avoid the dangers of over the counter drain cleaning!

Before you even attempt to clean your drains, stop. There are some major downsides to store bought solutions you won’t notice unless you read the fine print. These caustic chemicals are volatile. Incorrect delivery can cause backsplash. If this gets on your skin it can cause burns and even permanent vision damage if it gets in your eyes.

These products can also damage your piping system. It may not be immediate, but these products are capable of chewing through weakened pipes. This can lead to underground pooling, wearing away your home’s very foundation. We use methods that are safe for pipes, drains, and people. If you’ve experienced any of these signs, it may be time for drain cleaning .

Look for these drain problems:

  • Clogged or non-draining drains: It doesn’t take much to clog a drain. Soap and grease can eventually coat the inside of your drain. This is perfect for catching hair and restricting flow. Over time this can build up and increase standing water pressure. That can lead to plumbing damage and unhealthy bathing conditions.
  • Slow drains: This occurs in sinks, tubs, and showers before complete clogging. Though the cause varies—from hair and soap in a bathroom to grease, fat, and food in a kitchen—the final result is the same.
  • Backed up drains: When drains are damaged it leaves water with nowhere to go. This causes it to back up into the pipes. Backups are also caused by clogs, decaying matter, and trapped air pockets. Drain cleaning is a must, and shouldn’t be put off.
  • Overflowing toilets: The first line of defense is always a plunger. This will take care of most clogs. When it doesn’t, your clog may be much further down the line. Our drain cleaning services in Portland will clear your clog.
  • Unpleasant odors: Whether it is the fault of waste and grease, food, or even an unlucky rodent, bad smells often accompany a plugged drain. These need deep drain cleaning. Our plumbers have the skills to provide effective commercial and home drain cleaning.

Choose affordable drain cleaning in Portland.

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With a variety of methods and tools at our disposal, make our plumbers your first choice for effective and safe drain cleaning Portland residents rely on. Our plumbers come prepared. Work vehicles and equipment are carefully maintained, and we arrive with the commercial grade tools required to repair most major drain issues. We can even perform mainline cleaning for a system that’s clear all the way to the city line.

We unclog drains without harming your plumbing system.

Our drain cleaning technicians and plumbers begin every job with a full diagnostic. This allows us to located the source of the clog before determining the appropriate response. We value your property as well as your business. That’s why our technicians use industry leading drain cleaning methods that are the safest available for your plumbing system.

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